IN2 Computers offers hosted VOIP PBX phone systems that are NBN compliant and give you more control over your business.

Available Anywhere, Anytime – this is the new norm for business

Gone are the days of phone systems being physically stuck in the one place, having little to no business integration other than to do basic phone calls and some voice recordings and messaging services.

With our phone systems hosted in the cloud and each office location only requiring a site bridge we can easily and rapidly bring on new branches in minutes, allow staff to work from home or other temporary locations with ease.

Mobile Phone Integration 

Mobile phone integration where your mobile phone becomes part of the corporate phone system allowing you to be able to have a presence, call transfers and everything else that your physical desktop handsets offer to you all in the convenience of your mobile phone

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is available and fully integrated with our phone system offerings bringing even more power to your team communicating in a more effective and meaningful way.