Commonly known as Cat5 or Cat6, data cabling connects computers and telephones around the office.

We install Category 6 structured cabling systems using TE Connectivity (previously known as Krone) components. TE Connectivity manufacture the most reliable cabling components on the market.

Structured Cabling
Structured cabling systems provide outlets around a building that can be used for many different things. Computers and telephones are commonly connected but you can also connected televisions, CCTV cameras, PA systems, and intercoms.

A well planned structured cabling system can be adapted as the building’s use changes and as users move around the office.

Optic Fibre
Optic fiber is a specialist area of data cabling. Fiber is a very fast networking medium. It can run for much longer distances than copper cable without the same loss problems.

Fiber is great for connecting between buildings as it has no electrical path to cause earthing problems and it can go more than then 100m copper limit. It can also be used around machinery that is electrically noisy as it isn’t affected by interference.

If your fiber service has been damaged by excavation or building works we are usually able to make a temporary repair or relocation fairly quickly and then plan for a proper repair once the building work is completed.

Anyone working on a telephone or computer cabling must hold a Cabler’s registration (license). We hold not only the base license but specialist endorsements for Structured cabling, Fibre optics, and Coaxial cable. In addition to the license, we’re also specially qualified by Krone as Master Designer, Master Installer and Fibre installer.