Computer Repair

We construct stable, high security computer repair and networks and we make systems run as fast as they can. And while we’re on site we try to educate users in good maintenance practice. If we do our job well we will increase your productivity. in2 Computers have been supporting organisations since the company was established in 1999.

VPNs are a quick and easy way to connect two locations together via the internet. All we need is an internet connection at each location and we can join them up so that you can share servers, make internal phones calls and access any other network resources. If you’re having problems getting an internet connection, we can always help with everything from fibre to 4G to Satellite services.

Computers Repair, much like cars, need constant maintenance to help keep them running quickly, quietly and efficiently. Without this constant maintenance your computer will end up with problems. Most of these can be done by the average home user & small business users and should be done on a weekly or monthly basis. We will help you where necessary to do the simple things yourself or if more complex we will use our trained computer technicians.