Helpful Computer Tips

Helpful Computer Tips

Computer Practices to Be Mindful Of

  • Do log off of your computer at lunch and when you leave for the night. If you aren’t sure how to do this, or any other items in this brochure, please contact the Information Services Department.
  • Do set Outlook up to archive your old emails every two weeks.
  • Do contact the Information Services Department if you need a job-related internet download.
  • Do contact the Information Services Department if you are interested in sending out a mass email.
  • Do your personal internet surfing from a break room computer.
  • Do contact us if you are unsure of any HIPAA computer policies.

Computer Practices to Avoid

  • Do not share your password with another person for any reason. If someone needs to get to your computer’s files, contact the Information Services Department for assistance.
  • Do not open an email attachment from a person you don’t know.
  • Do not use your work email for personal business.
  • Do not turn your computer off at night so that updates can run while you are away from work.
  • Do not store your password where it can be found by an intruder.
  • Do not create passwords that are easy for others to guess or figure out.

Helpful Hints

  • Remember that internet and email use are monitored at all times.
  • If your computer is acting up, it may just need to be restarted. Make a practice of restarting it once a week.
  • Store files that you want to have backed up nightly on your personal drive.
  • Remember, only business-related websites will be unblocked by request.
  • Give your eyes a short break by occasionally looking up from your monitor and focusing on something across the room.