Does your WiFi not reach as far as it should? Is it slow? We can help. We can extend the coverage of your WiFi network and even make it run faster.

We can install WiFi systems to cover large areas such as schools, mine sites, and multi-story buildings.

WiFi installations need to be properly planned and managed, simply installing a few access points doesn’t cut it in today’s world where the frequencies are very crowded.

Internet filtering
Do you want to offer open WiFi to your customers but block inappropriate sites? Do you have problems with staff wasting time on the internet? With an internet filter, you can block certain sites or certain categories of sites. We can block on a user or PC basis so that the filtering is customizable.

Internet traffic to certain sites (such as cloud-based accounting or ERP) can be prioritized through your network so that it has the maximum speed available and other sites, such as Facebook, use the remaining bandwidth. This makes sure that business-critical systems are not affected by the rest of the internet.